Tuesday, 9 October 2012

What goes through my mind when I am producing a track?

Sat here trying to finish off a track to send to Trilobit Records to be mastered because they are waiting for me. Nothing is happening... I can't produce when I have to. Its always a sudden burst of ideas for 3ish hours then that's it for a week or so.

I'm fed up of trying to force ideas out so I decided to do this to refresh my mind, its incredibly hard to schedule creativity.

What goes through my mind when making a track is a lot of things. I would like to say I keep my mind blank cause then I can just go with the flow of whatever pops up in my head but no, instead I am constantly tweaking things; adding more and more reverb to get that dark roomy feel; adding delays; compressing things to make them sound fatter; adjusting levels; going to the toilet and a whole number of other things. I can never stick to one part at a time. I cannot make a rough track, then smarten it up and them master. Its always mastering as I'm adding the different instruments and doing it all as I'm laying down ideas. As I lay down basics like a kick/snare pattern and pads first, then I experiment with the layout of these, then comes my favourite bit: Percussion. Bongos bongos and more bongos. Bongo's out the ass. Fuckin' bongos. I love my bongos, djembes, congas, whatever you want to call them. they're my favourite thing to use so I spent most of my time laying down a nice percussion line, then adding a ton of reverb and automating the delay on certain parts at the end of 4/8 bars. Next comes the bass, I start with a top bass, normally a thick dark reece bass or an enveloped yoi sound to fill the higher frequencies. Once I am happy with all of that then comes the sub! In my opinion its the main part of the track (for the style I make), its the stuff that when played through a decent rig sends chills down your spine, makes you really feel the tune, where all the passion is basically (combined with everything else of course). A decent sub line with glide and pitch shifting all over the place makes me want to melt. After I've done all of that I slap it all together and then vary it each 8/16 bars, the rest is basically repeating stuff and making small changes so I wont go into that.

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