Wednesday, 10 October 2012

My First Signing

In the Dubstep scene I am involved in bring signed does not mean big contract things, its just getting the tracks mastered for you and released to an audience or sent out to certain DJs and Producers. Just to clear the air...

I have just finished the last track I needed to and have just sent the .wav files off to Trilobit Records for mastering. This is my first signing, after sending my tracks to well over 30+ labels each time I release something none of them were interested until Trilobit came to me after a mate (Just1) told them about me when he got signed. The tracks they wanted where a remix of one of Just1's tracks, a really old track by me that no one really noticed as it was released before i really had any followers and a friends (Cubs) remix of the track.

With this being my first signing I hope it is the first of many as I hope to get this EP I am working on signed to a label I love, ideally Tribe12 or Innamind (Not gonna happen but I can dream)

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